About Us

Our motto

With a mission to stand out from its peers, Northeast India came into existence in 2017 driven by a mission to function as a bridge between the Northeastern region and the rest of India. The portal is not just another news and views portal; it seeks to showcase, highlight, discover and promote news and other stories emanating from the region, which do not find a place in national or mainstream media. The portal believes in letting its work do the talking and offers a daily stream of news from the Northeast.

Who are we

Founded by the Nationalist Experts, Northeast India has a hard-working and experienced team which seeks to bring out relevant and engaging news all across the Seven Sisters. The flow of news is tailored to be informative, compelling and absolutely seamless. Quality is the biggest buzzword we live by along with our biggest desire to see Northeastern news and developments making their way into the mainstream media narrative in India.



What we thrive to do

We are here to ensure that people from all corners of the country and even abroad, get that chance to feel closer to their native places. We strive to ensure that every region is highlighted and also to bring all major happenings to the forefront. Our focus areas include the economy, racism, politics, corruption and insurgency. And we are here to be the voice of the people!

How we do it

We’re driven by a strong belief in Justice and Equality above all else. We focus on the national news along with the news from Arunachal, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland and Mizoram. We also lighten up and foray into other segments like Sports (even we’re obsessed!), Travel, Culture, Entertainment and others. We also have a special segment dedicated to Millennials, who we believe is going to be the future bedrock of this country and region. We also encourage our readers to voice their opinions.

Northeast India also strives to offer a productive and constructive platform to talented writers and creative individuals who would like to make a difference and share similar beliefs. Here’s to many more engaging news stories, more life-changing ideas and the ever-eternal thrill of discovery!