Why BJP Backs Himanta on Corruption Charges But Accuses Others?

BJP in Meghalaya, is making no stones unturned to accuse the Congress party and the CM Dr. Mukul Sangma for the corruption charges but at the very same time, BJP is backing its elite leader in Northeast and the convenor of Northeast Democratic Alliance (NEDA), Himanta Biswa Sarma on the corruption charges. The BJP party is facing criticism over its act of shielding Sarma on the Louis Berger Corruption Case while perennially accusing the ace leaders of Congress in Meghalaya.

When the newsmen asked Nalin Kohli who is the Meghalaya BJP in-charge, about the corruption charges he replied that he didn’t find him guilty till the court would convict Sarma. Kohli said, “Fundamental question in law is– you are innocent until proven guilty, you are proved guilty on the basis of only evidence and a trail, the registration of an FIR is just first information report, conviction or sentence by a court is the confirmation of it whether it is corruption, murder or anything”.

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It must be noted that Mr. Nalin Kohli himself is a lawyer by profession said to media in Shillong that an FIR is just a first informational record and a person cannot be accused just because of an FIR. Though, not to mention that Mr. Kohli has been accusing several Congress leaders including the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Dr. Mukul Sangma on several issues without any pieces of evidence and an FIR! When the media men asked that there have not been any charges on the CM of Meghalaya, Kohli said, “Correct position of law has nothing to do with political position, what is correct is correct and what is truth, is truth”.

It all started two months back when the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) took up the multi-crore Louis Berger corruption case and filed an FIR against the unknown officials of the company. The FIR was filed for allegedly bribing the former Assam government to corner contracts to benefit their profit.

The then Congress government in Assam which was being led by Tarun Gogoi came under huge political pressure from the BJP to act on the allegations in the run-up to the then assembly polls. As it was known that the Gauhati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) project was reportedly decided by the Gauhati Development Department, which was being led by the powerful Congress leader Himanta Biswa Sarma, the BJP party took a public stand against Himanta Biswa Sarma in an 11-page booklet on the allegations of corruption in the case. What followed after, on August 29, 2015, Sarma defected to the BJP, and then the Tarun Gogoi government, on August 7 that year, asked the state CID to register a case against the hotshot minister.

Though Nalin Kohli manifested the PM Modi’s vision of ‘acche din’ by saying, “Those who are with the old system of black money, those who did the biggest scams, those against whom investigations are taking place, those who took money from the banks and ran away, is it not an ache din for them”.

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Modi should filter the wrong people from BJP before accusing Congress. Biswa has number of cases against him

Robinson Nongrum

No FIR against CM Mukul Sangma still BJP accuses him, and CBI registered case against Himanta and still no actions. Shame!


Long live Congress, BJP will pay for choosing the corrupt minister like Biswa


Long live Congress, BJP will pay for choosing the corrupt minister like Biswa


Modi should filter the wrong people from BJP before accusing Congress. Biswa has number of cases against him


Nalin Kohli is silent on Biswa but spits venom on CM of Meghalaya and Congress


Biswa who said against the cancer patients, these politicians should be neglected to the core


BJP is just doing the beef politics in Meghalaya


Instead of accusing Mukul Sangma, they should act against their ministers first!


Himanta is the most corrupt politician of Assam

Dhirendra Pratap

BJP accuses Mukul Sangma, why don't they look for their minister?


BJP will be washed out in Meghalaya


Himanta is the corrupt, BJP knows this