Can Yogi be the Push BJP needs ahead of Tripura Polls?

As the three Northeastern states, Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura are going for the Legislative Assembly Elections next year, all the political groups contesting in these states are keeping an eye on the 60 seats.

Bhartiya Janta Party being in the fray also planning to make it a big win under the Modi Wave, a breeze turning into a storm against the rivals. This wave needs no introduction as it acts as a ‘magical touch’ to the continuous winning of the party since 2014.

Beginning of ‘Modi Wave’

The Loksabha Elections of 2014 was a turning point for BJP as the party won the elections with two major foundations, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who won the hearts of the people by showing them a bright future under their governance and other is Party President Amit Shah who’s unbeatable mind was behind the winning strategy.

Ever since the party has won the 2014 election, they haven’t looked behind and never being defeated by any other party in the poll-bound states till now, despite having tough competition. Let’s take an example of Assembly Election held last year in Uttar Pradesh where BJP had a cut-throat competition with the Samajwadi Party and BSP, both of which had deep roots in the state politics and people trusted both the parties blindly.

But BJP with its strong willpower and set strategy finally managed to root out these giant parties from the state and the impact was so hard that these parties were not being able to stand in front of BJP in terms of the vote count as BJP won the majority of votes.

This was the true example of Modi Wave that has an impact on the politics of the country and is now reaching the Northeastern states with the aim of Congress-Mukt Bharat (Congress Free India).

In 2016, one of the Northeastern state Manipur also had elections where BJP rooted out the Congress government and now a BJP-led government is in the state.

BJP’s President Amit Shah is now chalking out strategies and blueprint to enter the all three Northeastern State Assemblies.

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Strategy of BJP for Tripura Polls

Bhartiya Janta Party with the aim of winning the majority of seats in Tripura Assembly that is comprised of 60 seats has chalked out some strategies that may have a strong impact on the ideologies of the tribal people that constitute a major population in the state.

Keeping in mind the dominance of Tribal Community in the state, BJP has set its strategy that will make a way straight to their hearts

  • Bharat Mata Turns Tribal-

bharat-mata tripura

Talking about the strategies of Bhartiya Janta Party for the upcoming elections, they have come up with the idea of turning Bharat Mata into Tribal lady of the communities of the state.

For this, the party has recently shared an image of our beloved Bharat Mata but her image is not the same as we have in our beliefs.

The image of Bharat Mata shared by BJP was shown as one of the tribals of Tripura, having Mongolian features but the similarity is she is holding our National Flag.

Discussing the idea of sharing such image, BJP said that these tribes feel alienated and think that they are not considered as a part of the nation. The reason why party wants to get connects to them too so that they can also feel that India is their own country.

Eventually, the party plans to bring out such tribe-specific images of Bharat Mata for all the tribes in the North-East.

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  • Yogi-the election campaigner-

yogi tripura polls


Yogi Aditynath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has no connection with Tripura nor he is connected to the tribes of the state, then why BJP is presenting him as one of the campaigners for the election? The question is big.

An answer to this dilemma is that the population of Tripura is comprised of Tribals and the majority of these tribes are Hindu by religion. If we further extend this topic then we find that 35 percent of the voters are OBC while the 90 percent of the population is comprised of Nath and Debnath communities these are the followers of Baba Gorakhnath. Did you find the connection?

Yes, Yogi Adityanath is also a follower of Baba Gorakhnath and this the reason why there is a need for Yogi to campaign in the elections and the major responsibility he has to win the confidence of these communities.

Along with this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also try to spread his Modi wave in the state and has a belief that this will work as the people of the state want a change in the governance of the leftist party that is ruling in the state since 1993.

The party president Amit Shah along with making the strategies will also visit the state to deliver his thoughts and to connect the people of the state to BJP.

Bhartiya Janta Party with its strong strategies and ideologies trying to penetrate the wall created by the Communist Party in the state and if the tribal communities changed their minds then it will be very difficult for rival parties to defeat BJP in Tripura.

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