Meghalaya: PM Modi’s ‘No Development’ remark sparks Twitter War

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Story highlights

  • PM Modi visits Meghalaya on Saturday to inaugurate Shillong-Tura road project
  • During the Rally for Change address, PM counters ruling Congress party
  • PM says that there is no development in the state
  • CM Mukul Sangma counters PM statements by his tweet thread

Meghalaya’s Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma gave a fitting reply to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s allegations that the state has no development over a long period of time under the governance of Congress.

PM Modi’s speech that irked Sangma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on his visit to Meghalaya on Saturday. He visited the state to inaugurate the Shillong-Tura Road Project and also to blow the conch of the election campaign for Bhartiya Janta Party as PM is the star campaigner of BJP.

During his address in the ‘Rally for Change’ that was organized by BJP, PM countered the ruling government and its negligence towards the society and its development.

PM started his speech giving away the further information of Shillong Tura Road project to the populace gathered during the Rally organized by BJP.

PM’s speech soon converted into an argument against the Congress who is ruling the state for over 15 years.

PM in his speech countered Chief Minister Mukul Sangma and his MBBS degree and said, the Chief Minister is a doctor himself but still the healthcare sector is diminishing day by day as the medical facilities provided by the government is up to the mark and the people are suffering under such negligence of the government.

PM during his speech also quoted the 2015-16 CAG report that says in these years the state was suffering from a severe shortage of medical facilities provided by the state government.


Adding on to this, PM also countered the state government over the lack of infrastructure in the state. PM also linked the development of the state to the tourism that is one of the bases of the state towards development.

PM said, “due to the carelessness of Congress Governments in Meghalaya, urban infrastructure is also in shambles”.

PM during this also quoted that there is ‘no development’ in the state under the Congress regime.

He also stated that the Union Government is allocating funds on a continuous basis, but still, the developmental projects are very slow in the state.

Moving on further, PM reaches to the matter of corruption in the state under the Congress governance.

PM in his speech said, “Congress corruption in Meghalaya has not even left the education sector untouched. Their mismanagement and corruption in the sector will impact the future of Meghalaya’s bright youngsters”.

PM Modi also quoted the need for change in the governance in the state and for this, he shared his motive with the people of the state and stated that “We want to make Meghalaya a top tourist destination. The government of India has sanctioned around Rupees one hundred crores for development of tourist destinations in the State”.

Adding on to this, PM also said, “The BJP’s agenda is development, speedy development, and all-over development”.

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The Counter-Atack by CM Mukul Sangma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech that imprecates the Congress and raised questions over its governance in the state also irked the Chief Minister Mukul Sangma.

CM Mukul Sangma keeps the vision of development for the state and for this, he has initiated and inaugurated many such projects in Meghalaya in the field of Education, Infrastructure, healthcare and much more.

Highlighting the fact, CM lashed out at Prime Minister over his remarks on the development in the state.

In a striking answer to the PM ‘s allegation, CM Sangma released an official statement that gives a detailed information of the state government’s initiatives for the development.

Adding on to this, CM Sangma also countered PM Modi on Twitter and has begun a twitter war.

Talking about the Shillong-Tura Road Project CM Sangma said, that the project is initiated and implemented by the Congress-led state government.

In a tweet, CM replied, “The Congress government in my state has set a new momentum of growth and development across all sectors. The fact that Hon’ble PM has inaugurated the Shillong Tura road amounts to a seal of approval of the development initiated & implemented by my government”.

Giving a reply to the statement of PM Modi over no development in the state, CM said that the project was implemented by the present Congress government and is also sanctioned by the Congress-led UPA government.

mukul sangma

In a counter to the PM Modi’s statement on the medical facilities of the state, CM Sangma lashed out on PM and said, “For the health care of our beloved people the Congress govt initiated innovative and most inclusive health insurance scheme. Poor & vulnerable families are availing critical health care as per their choice either in govt or private hospitals”.

Extending the tweet thread, CM also mentioned the “Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS)” with coverage of ₹2,80000 that was also initiated by the Congress-led state government.

Adding on to this he also tweeted that the populace should know the initiatives taken by the state government towards development.

He tweeted, “Acknowledge and appreciate the good works done by my government Mr. Prime Minister. Let people know those good things have been happening in north east India too. It will clear the mind of people who think that the region is backward”.

Quoting his tweet CM Mukul Sangma also said, “PM has been marketing and brand building India spending time and resources of the nation. The attitude of BJP leadership under the PM negates the whole exercise”.

The wave of hatred has begun amongst the two rival parties in the state after the PM’s visit. The Congress and BJP are trying to make to the Assembly seats and for this, the election campaign has begun from BJP’s end that countered the Congress governance and the ace leader from Congress has defended his party and the wave of attacks has begun that will continue till the voting is done and the results have been declared.

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