Meghalaya…the journey of the blooming state


Meghalaya….the abode of clouds or The Scotland of the East is a state that has taken a major leap in terms of development after it was carved out of the two districts from the state of Assam-the United Khasi-Jaintia Hills, and the Garo Hills on 21 January 1972.

Going to the history of the state it was constituted in the year 1972, the year that was a turning point for the Northeastern states as Manipur was constituted too under the Central Governance of former PM and Congress Veteran Indira Gandhi.

The state of Meghalaya was under the governance of the first Chief Minister Williamson A. Sangma, who was the leader of the historical party Indian National Congress(INC).

Since the time the state was constituted, development in the state remained continuous as the government changed in these years, but the development of the state remained prior to every political party.

Education in Meghalaya

As education act as the foundation for all kinds of development, the state government has always put this at the top of the list of development.

The state has come up with many educational institutions over a period of time and as per the present status, Meghalaya has Primary to College level education facility in the state.

Taking the example of this year, the state government with the help of Education Ministry of the state has come up with many colleges in the state facilitating the students with quality education and the educators of the state also find a good future in their own state.

The state consists of Medical, Engineering, Science and many such educational institutions covering almost every stream of knowledge.

This year, the state has received Shillong Medical College, Ampati Engineering College, Science Block of Loyola College and along with this the students of the state has also received a place to live and that is the Windham Tribal Boy’s Hostel that is situated in Harding theological College campus in Edenbari near Tura.

Infrastructure in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, the state sharing boundaries with Bangladesh faces many challenges such as cross-border terrorism, refugees from other countries, and many more, but state maintaining its pace moving forward towards the path of infrastructural development as this is the second most necessity for the overall development.

Meghalaya though itself one of the young and the small State in the country has a long international boundary of 443 kms with Bangladesh which sets a unique advantage of setting up of industries based on demand in the country. All units will have a advantage on account of low cost of product transportation.

To obviate the problem of prospective entrepreneurs in acquiring the site for industries, Industrial estates and Areas have been created with more to come up in near future.

This year the state government has established its first-ever motorable suspension bridge in the State that has been constructed over Rongkhai river at Kodaldhowa under Zikzak C&RD block of South West Garo Hills.

The bridge connects the villages Doromchas and Kodaldhowa, has been constructed at a total cost of Rs. 2.39 crore and is sponsored by Social Infrastructure Development Fund (SIDF) 2012-2013, Union Ministry of DoNER under Border Areas Development Department.

This bridge comes as a boon for the villagers as this connects the people to the nearest places as before this, they had to take the long route to get to the nearest health centre or the nearest markets.

Another milestone set by the state government this year is the Shillong-Tura Road Project that was recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The state government was working on this project for the last six years. The agreement to execute the work was made on February 21, 2011, but the actual work started in November the same year.

The approval to commence the project had come in the UPA rule and it took around six years to get the project done by the state government. The project till now cost around 2,300 crores and has completed the length of 264 km.

Agriculture and Small-Scale Industries in Meghalaya

As the base of the country is Agriculture, though the nation is developed but is also keeping the essence of agriculture alive as a part of the Indian population is still involved in agriculture and small-scale industries that is facilitating the whole nation in terms of Food, clothes and it is also keeping the tradition alive.

Keeping this in mind the state government of Meghalaya since the existence of the state has focussed on uplifting the farmers and SSI workers so that the aim of over-all development of the state can come into reality.

Talking about the development the state government has come up with this year is Integrated Farmer’s Market Complex at Ampati, along with the Farmers’ Market at Betasign

The Horticulture Department, along with the district administrative division took the initiative of the project that was inaugurated by the Cheif Minister of Meghalaya.

Both these markets are sanctioned by the Department of Horticulture and this will going to be yet another meeting point for buyers and sellers from across the state, which will be another step ahead in the direction of bringing economic prosperity in the region.

The department also focussed on the importance of beautifying the markets to attract as many customers as possible.

These marketplaces will be a clean and safe place for the business to be conducted in a hassle-free manner.

In a boon to the farmers of Meghalaya, the state government has launched the 1917-iTEAMS. This is a disruptive farmer-centric and market-oriented tech service offering affordable transportation, evacuation & logistics services that facilitate access to markets of choice to farmers through the cloud.

Also for the weavers and small-scale industry workers, the state government has launched a production facility.

Empowering the weavers of Meghalaya, the government has launched production facilities for handloom weavers and a manufacturing unit for Herbal Cosmetics at Ampati.

In a massive boost to rural livelihood, this will amplify economic activities and unlock countless collateral business opportunities.

The state government also dedicated the Agri Response Center (ARC) to the agricultural community of the state and flagged off the Agri Response Vehicles (ARVs).

Health and Medical facilities in Meghalaya 

The development comes when the workforce is free from any kind of disease and the state government has taken a good care of this over a period of time.

One of the best examples of this is Megha Health Insurance Scheme(MHIS), this is a universal health insurance scheme (UHIS) in the State of Meghalaya.

The scheme is utilizing the existing RSBY framework to provide health insurance to all persons that are resident in the State excluding state and central government employees.

The Megha Health Insurance Scheme (RSBY + UHIS) was launched on 15th December 2012 at Polo Grounds.

The objective of launching this scheme was to provide financial aid to all the citizens of the state at the time hospitalization and reduce the out-of-pocket expenses of the residents of the State.

When the scheme first started the cover available to enrolled beneficiaries was Rs 1,60,000 for an enrollment fee of Rs 31/-.

But improvements and amendments have been made to the scheme in the years that followed.

Apart from this, the state government with the help of Health ministry of Meghalaya has launched 100 bedded hospital in Ampati in the South West Garo Hills.

The aim of establishing the hospital was to bring the medical facilities to the people of the region, who for so long had to travel miles to the nearest city to get access to advanced medical care.

Youth of Meghalaya 

The youth is full of energy and it is also the future of a country, same is the youth of Meghalaya that is full of enthusiasm and they are rising in every sector possible today.

Eight youths were picked up as winners for the Meghalaya Youth Community Awards 2015 from eight fields.

The winners of the awards were Toshanbor Singh Nongbet (Arts & Crafts), Mikhail Marak (Community- Peace and Harmony), Davida Paswett (Community- Leadership), Light After Dark (Differently Abled), San Shnong Youth Welfare Organisation (Organization- Youth Based), Eugene Niangti (Entrepreneur- Services), Tinash Ch Momin (Entrepreneur- Farm), and K. Wallambok Lyngdoh (Adventure Sports).

This is the biggest example of the youth of the state that is rising in all the streams.

As the youth of the country is digitalized so is the youth of Meghalaya and keeping this in mind the Meghalaya government has distributed digital learning aids to students.

Meghalaya has been encountering several hurdles with regard to education, particularly with the ease of access to high-quality education from the elementary level onwards.

So the state government breaking the barrier has provided the students this digital platform to learn more and more to uplift the state.

Meghalaya…the favorite emerging Indian Destination

Meghalaya is one of the most visited destinations in Northeast India as it is surrounded by the scenic beauty everywhere.

The diversity of natural aesthetic bounty here and is considered the hotspot of all things cultural and natural existing in sheer harmony with the constructive human efforts.

To date, it remains one of those rare locations that can be visited all year round and still overcompensate every traveler’s thirst for a fulfilling retreat.A deemed one of the leading magazines in the country, Lonely Planet India has awarded our state Meghalaya with the title of ‘Best emerging Destination’ of the country.


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