NPP’s Stand on BJP in Meghalaya: I Love you (but as a Friend)?

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After getting expelled from the Congress Party in July 2012, P.A. Sangma started his own party and named it National People’s Party (NPP). The party was made to take the vengeance, to oppose Congress party. Late Mr. Sangma put the tilak and decided to support the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). After the demise of P.A. Sangma, his son Conrad Sangma took the charge of the party and decided that the vengeance must be taken, the party should love the saffron beauty. This beautiful love story seems an eternal tale of love and support till I drive my mind to Meghalaya and see the chapter swinging drastically. Let me tell you how!


While the Modi-Wave was at its peak during the elections of 2014, the former Lok Sabha Speaker, Late Mr. P.A. Sangma had announced that his party would support Mr. Narendra Modi’s PM bid and the members would surely be dancing onto the tunes of har har modi, ghar ghar modi. Late Mr. Sangma along with his daughter flies from the hard-core non-vegetarian state (Meghalaya) to the hard-core vegetarian state (Gujarat) and meets the then Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, assures him that NPP would support him. See, the party has had an inclination towards NDA, love at first sight you know!

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BJP managed to get the higher share of votes in Manipur and didn’t hung up (of course for the hung assembly). NPP’s chief Conrad Sangma extended the full support of NPP to BJP in making the government. The leader had said that the party is in alliance with BJP at the center, hence the support had to come naturally (Love does come naturally, my friend). Well, that’s the most subtle logical explanation for the friendship between the two parties.

Conrad Said, “Basically we are partners of the NDA at the centre and we are the members of North-East Democratic Alliance (NEDA). So, it was natural for us to form the government with the BJP”.

Well, the love seems inseparable but wait… what about the bond in Meghalaya?


Now, when I keep my eyes on the upcoming elections in Meghalaya and NPP’s stand on having a friendly date with BJP in the state, I see a firm NO! That breaks my heart to the core and makes me dig the reasons for NO-MEANS-NO.

Meghalaya loves Jesus. And beef. Even if I would try to induce ‘BJP’ between Jesus and Beef, one of the party members would ask me to drink gaumutra to get baptised. NPP knows the Hindu-ideology of BJP, of course, perks of being friends, but also knows that the fate of this relationship is dark because the Meghalayan family won’t accept it. BJP is trying its level best to manipulate the NPP’s Meghalayan family by saying that they won’t interfere with the eating habits and there won’t be any ban. Still, why would someone in Meghalaya like to take chance with the Batman…err.. cow-vigilantes? Beef for thought!

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