Restore power or give Rs 500 crore in damages-Mizoram Chief Council

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Story highlights

  • The Mizo Chiefs Council has moved the Supreme Court recently
  • They demand to restore control over ancestrally demarcated territories
  • Giving a choice to it, they demand Rs 500 crores in damages

The Mizoram Chief Council has recently moved to the Supreme Court with the demand of restoring the administrative power in their ancestral demarcated territories in Lushai Hills of Mizoram or if the government fails to do so, in that case, they demanded Rs 500 crore as the damages.

Centre occupied their land since 1954

The Mizoram Chief Council with the demand of restoration of the power to the lands that were occupied by the government in 1954 moved to the apex court recently.

The Council has put two conditions forward, one of this is to restore control over the ancestrally demarcated territories and other is to pay Rs 500 crore as the compensation for their damages.

Historically, the chief council of Lushai Hills in Mizoram ruled over ancestrally demarcated territories, imposed various kinds of taxes on people living on their respective territories, and even granted pardon to accused in criminal cases.

As per the records, the British annexed Lushai Hills in 1895 and weakened the hold of these councils but allowed them to function like rulers of princely states in other parts of the country.

After Independence, Lushai Hills became a part of Assam. In 1951, the Assam Autonomous (Constitution of District Council) Act was enacted, creating six autonomous districts, including Lushai Hills.

Three years later to this, the Assam Lushai Hills (Acquisition of Chiefs’ Rights) Act was passed and the state took over the Chiefs’ traditional rights over the territories and gave compensation equivalent to 10 harvest year’s revenue to each.

Over the years, the hereditary chiefs have lost their traditional sources of revenue through control over territories and have almost been reduced to a state of poverty.

In 1999, the Mizo Chiefs Council wrote to the PM demanding Rs 509 crore as just compensation for the loss of administrative and financial control over their ancestrally demarcated areas.

News Source: TOI

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