Silent Voters in Meghalaya – Factors driving their decision

meghalaya assembly elections

The silent voters in Meghalaya, it is being said, would be largely responsible for deciding the fate of the parties in the state in the upcoming elections.

The Congress government, led by Mukul Sangma is rightfully looking for a second term in office and the NPP is trying to highlight its flaws. The BJP is trying to gain a foothold in the state and has found an ally in the NPP, which is openly supporting the party.

Apart from that, there are a number of other regional parties who have candidates of their own. It remains to be seen for which party the people vote this term.

But who are these silent voters? They are the vast section of the masses, who till now, have not openly commented about favoring or not favoring a particular party.

They are just the audience, who are silently watching what the government is doing for them and to them. The hill people are largely a very peaceful lot and they never go out of their way to court controversy. And yet they are a strong race, known for their passion and integrity and they are just going to do what they feel is right, by simply casting their votes.

Exit polls have always given a clear idea about which party might win the elections and it is the same for this state as well. And yet, with these silent voters, it is quite hard to find out, on which side they are on.

The factors that are going to drive their decision are many: they are going to look forward to the healthcare facilities to the state government has already offered and weigh them against what is being promised.

They are to look at the various educational measures taken in the state and how the women and children have prospered. Farming and tourism are the two main areas of revenue generation in the state and they will look whether these sectors have been able to generate more employment opportunities.

All these factors will contribute towards how they feel about an impending change in the government. The people are also going to see how roads have been built for communication and whether the self-help groups have been able to help the people as promised when they decided to work in tandem with the government.

The progress in the various constituencies should also have been uniform but in a developing state like Meghalaya, this has been a tough task. Whether the new block offices are delivering as promised or whether the voters are going to give in to the promise of better administration is also to be seen.

The silent voters of Meghalaya are a group of which all the political parties contesting in the region are looking at and are trying their best to impress. If all goes well, then they are going to decide on the February 27th which party is going to helm the state.


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