Style Right for 2018 with NE’s Fashion Icons

Trying to discover your sense of style or want to just look put together at all times? Join us as we take the word from these fabulous Northeastern trendsetter women and assure you have a well-dressed 2018!


Eyewear (Picked by Maken Imcha)


Eyewear adds character, style and creates an impact without having to try too hard. Note that the style, color, and size matter in the kind of eyewear you choose to sport.

Fashion empowers me to be the protagonist of my own stories
-Maken Imcha Payne, Nagaland
Executive Director of International Recruitment and Relations


Our Picks for 2018:


Invisible Frames
They said a ‘Hello’ in 2017, but we believe the ever so subtle edge they add is wonderful and definitely here to stay. The perfect mix of retro and modern Invisible Frames are easy to pair any outfit since they have no color.

Invisible Frame Eyewear

Optical Aviators
Aviators have been a sunglasses classic, but optical aviators are an equally flattering addition to your daily style. Go for dainty metal rims that will help accentuate your face shape.

Tinted Glasses
Take a subtle walk on the wild side without looking like you came out of a comic show with colored glasses. Pick shades of yellow or violet that are assured to be big this color-blocking season


Heels (Picked by Reena Ahanthem)


If you are still a believer of ‘All heels are painful’ where have you been living boy? Heels could be a wonderful pair of footwear to add an extra spring to your steps and overall exude power.

Fashion allows me to indulge in the simple joys of life by experimenting with my look every day to suit my mood.”
-Reena Ahanthem, Manipur
Fashion Designer (Reena of Deepankshi & Reena Fashion House)


Our Picks for 2018:


Printed Heels
Spruce up a plain outfit with printed heels. Go for funky indie prints or classic Aztec with a pop of color.

Color-Block Block Heels
Block Heels are handmade by God if you are one woman who can’t get around in heels without tripping. Choose primary colors that compliment your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with contrast.


White Shirt (Picked by Hannah Khiangte)


The liberty of a White Shirt is that you can always style it up or style it down. But, you don’t necessarily have to wear something to feel powerful, you just have to own whatever you wear.

Fashion has given me the confidence to be myself; and being an introvert, it is my most powerful means of communicating with the world
-Hannah Khiangte, Mizoram
Fashion Designer


Our Picks for 2018:


Balloon Sleeves
Balloon Sleeves are ready to make their comeback with a big bang this season. What better way to incorporate the trend in your style with the simple yet classy White Shirt.

Sneakers (Picked by Rubu Dming and Juhili Deb Barma)



What is more comfortable and stylish at the same time than a pair of sneakers? Also, the added goodbye-to-lethargy they offer making you feel so much more active.

Fashion is my access to entrepreneurship.”
-Rubu Dming, Arunachal Pradesh
Founder, and Creative Director Dming Rubu

Fashion has empowered me by helping create my own brand through my various forms of creative expressions (in my outfits)
-Juhili Deb Barma, Tripura
Fashion blogger


Our Picks for 2018:


Platform Sneakers
2017 saw them and they are here for 2018 with some added fun on top. Go for platform sneakers, color-blocked or neutral, whatever goes well with your outfit for the day.

Sarees and Ethnic Wear (Picked by Jantee Hazarika and Elizabeth Marbaniang)


Staying in touch with your roots keeps you grounded. So, wearing a saree is a perfect way to do that, and also to show off the wonders a nine-yard of clothing can do. Not just the saree, most traditional attires to be really elegant, and should be embraced every once in a while.

Fashion is one of the best ways to express myself
-Jantee Hazarika, Assam

If a woman has the right attitude, is fit and is well dressed, she gains the confidence to take on any challenge, because naturally we are born strong
-Elizabeth Marbaniang, Meghalaya
Fashion Designer and Owner ‘Boutique Jongphi


Our Picks for 2018:


Raw Sarees
Nothing brings out the beauty of an Indian woman like a beautifully draped old school saree. Bring out the classic goddess in you with an edge. Opt for neutral colors, raw fabrics, and hand-prints.

Fun Tops and Tunics
For a more young and fun look, pick colorful printed tops or tunics that you can easily pair with leggings or trousers and walk out that door looking all kinds of elegant.


Hair Accessories (Picked by Selina Phurumboo)


Looking for a statement piece to elevate outfits, hair accessories are the answer. It can be as casual as having a pair of sunglasses push the hair back or a bandana, and on bad hair days, a beanie. Sometimes we are so focused on putting together the fashion pieces on our bodies that we forget our hair.

Fashion is at its core, about allowing people to be the most authentic version of themselves – and in the process, inspiring others to do the same.
-Selina Phurumboo, Sikkim
Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger


Our Picks for 2018:


Beads or Embellished Headbands
A good ol’ beanie always works, but if you are looking at standing out with an edge go for beaded pieces in forms of clips or pick an embellished headband. It could be the perfect choice for occasions if you want to play it safe on daily basis.

Metal Hairpins
Here’s one for the lovers of simple. Pick these dainty hairpins in pretty abstract shapes. You can easily pair them with your everyday outfits.


That completes our round-up of essentials and stock worthy items in style for 2018 with inspiration from the strongest women from Northeast in Fashion.

The images used belong to the copyright owners
Inspiration and Reference from Roots and Leisure


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